How to Use Competitive Analysis for an Unfair Advantage


Ever heard of the “Blue Ocean Strategy”? It’s based on a book about how to carve out an entirely new segment of the market for your business. When you have properly executed the Blue Ocean Strategy, you have no real competition.
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Networking Does Work – You’re Just Doing It WRONG!


There is nothing more vital to the survival and success of any business than its ability to obtain clients. Yet many business owners unfortunately believe that if they have the right product or service, clients will seek them out to buy it.Read more

Maintaining A Good Relationship With Your List: Deliverability Part IV


2 weeks ago I gave you advice on generating a list, so I assume you already have a list to work with 😉 1 week ago I gave you advice on how to take care of your list. Granted, most of it was about removing contacts and I know you don’t really want to do that. I fully agree, you shouldn’t have to do that.Read more

An Email Marketing Funnel For Planning Your Subscriber’s Journey


Successful email marketing is not about asking people to sign up and sending them promotional emails till they unsubscribe. It is a great opportunity to build unique relationships between your brand and subscribers. If you want to make the best of your email marketing, change your mindset and think of the subscription process as a journey to becoming a loyal enthusiast of your brand.Read more

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? Is It Mobile-Friendly Enough?


Mobile use is growing every day. Fortunately, most marketers and small business owners are keenly aware of this. It’s hard not to be. Whether it’s “mobilegeddon”, or a new study on how consumers use their smartphones, mobile gets a lot of press. Read more

21 Tips For Writing Emails Your Audience Can’t Wait to Open


Do you want to write emails that get a ton of opens, great engagement and are a joy to write? Do you want to send emails that your readers forward to other people? In this blog post, I am going to give you my best tips on how to write emails that are simply brilliant. Emails that will have your readers looking forward to receiving more.

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Are You Using These Best Free Visual Marketing Apps?


It’s important that your blog has its own style. Not just writing style, or style of content, but visual style as well. Indeed, with the visualization of social media, the way your blog and email campaigns look is just as important as how they read. Read more

Three Design Basics Every Marketer Should Know


Giving a prospect the nudge to visit your site isn’t just based on your slogan and ads. Enticing businesses need to have an equally enticing website. It’s no longer just about word of mouth, it’s also about the glories of good design. Read more

UX Principles to Increase Your Website’s Social Presence


Not all websites are created equal. Some grab users within minutes, while others completely flop. The first moments a person enters a website is detrimental are its success. In those pivotal seconds, users have an immediate need and are eager to find a solution, experience features, and interact. If the site doesn’t meet their expectations in these moments, the user is likely gone forever.Read more

Taking Care of Your List Over Time: Deliverability Part III


Last week we covered the basics of list acquisition and the tricks you need to know to get engaging and trusting subscribers right from the start. But your work does not stop there, it’s only beginning.Read more


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