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Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays

You’ve always loved the holidays, it’s your absolute favorite time of year. All your friends and family gather, there’s singing, parties, and the decorating. Decorating has always been your favorite part.

This year it’s different though. You’ve moved into a small apartment, and while you love the cozy size, it presents a new challenge. No room for a big, real tree. No mantel to set up a snow village. Barely even a hall to deck. So, what do you do? How do you decorate for the holidays in a small space?

Go Faux-Fir

Buy a small, nice fake fir or pine tree. Get a nice wrap for around the bottom to cover the stand, or make your own. Shop this one from Kmart (1.2%/7.2% Cashback) today!


Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays

Light Up the Night

Hang lights on your balcony (if you have one) and around doors. Strands of light with give your apartment that warm, holiday glow. And if you purchase white lights from Kohl’s (2.4%/8.4% Cashback), you can get away with leaving them up all winter long.


Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays


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House of Cards

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t purchase new holiday decorations, let Pinterest inspire your creativity. Use some twine, ribbon and clothespins, pick a focal point in your apartment and hang up your holidays cards as they arrive. Make it in the shape of a Christmas tree and score bonus points for creativity!


Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays

Winter Wonderland

If you’re tight on space, pack away your knickknacks for the season. Replace them with festive holiday pieces from Macy’s (1.8%/7.8% Cashback). This will help your space not look too cluttered and lets your holiday decor be the focal point on your shelves or countertops.


Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays

That’s a Wrap

In lieu of the typical wreath, gift wrap your front door and top with a bow. Wrapping paper from stores like Walmart (0.6%/6.6% Cashback) is reasonably priced, so you don’t have to go over budget on your festive flare. Enjoy your holidays!


Decorating a Small Space for the Holidays

Just a few simple touches can make a small space seem elegant. You can pick a theme of color; perhaps all white, blue and white, or a Christmas extravaganza of red and green. Remember, you don’t have to overdo it in a small space.


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