f it’s Wednesday this must be Corte Madera.


Hello, Corte Madera!  I’m here.  Are you here?  Let’s be here together.

I’ll be at Book Passage at 7pm today.  

Next stop?  Santa Cruz!


Click here for tour details.


  1. You know how Google has a box on the right with the factoids of what you’ve googled? Well, I googled Corte Madera, since I never heard of it (Sorry, Corte Mederites) – and in the box they list “Events” – and you are NOT THERE. You should sue. Or maybe, just maybe, you are NOT THERE?

    notquiteold recently posted Waiting Patiently For Patience.

  2. Being in California must be nice. Enjoy it for us Canadians.

    Krimrat Picklesauce recently posted I’m a wittle sick baby..

  3. Please to be enjoying the west coast. I hope it is not as foggy as the east coast.

    Kara recently posted Outlander Season 2 Tease.

  4. I’m glad that my younger self never had a crush on Kirk Cameron so that I didn’t suffer excessive anguish when he went crazy.

    Hope you have a great event tonight, Jenny!

    Library Heather recently posted In which I ask what you think about “librarian”..

  5. Welcome back to CA, Jenny, sorry I won’t be able to see you on this tour, but love your blog and your books. This is in our local TV news today and may also be a national story. I thought of you as you have said before that you sometimes snap a rubber band on your wrist, which I have also done. I won’t be putting any more bands on my wrists after seeing this. The photos are pretty scary and graphic. Enjoy the rest of your tour. http://www.mandatory.com/2015/12/01/hair-tie-sends-kentucky-woman-to-hospital-with-deadly-infection/6

  6. Ah, California. Home of many benevolent weirdos. My first son was born while we were stationed there, and I was pregnant with our second when we left. Pretty sure that second sentence explains something about the third. . .

  7. Corte Madera is a bit far for me. How’s about we meet up this Sunday in LA?? 🙂

    Karen Marie Peterson recently posted Fall Film Challenge Redux.

  8. I used to measure time in the same way, but then 80s era fashion started coming back. I was at a concert last night where the people on stage were wearing neon and had permed side-ponytails. We’re apparently entering the neo-hair-scrunchy epoch. I predict dark days ahead.

    Manicmom recently posted The office bully? Totally my fault.


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