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Once upon a time, I signed up for the Fall Film Challenge.

I’m not exactly sure who stole the past three months, but they need to give it back because whoa.

Seriously, how did THREE months go by already? How is this year 11/12 of the way finished? How are we 24 days from Christmas??

It’s crazy.

But whatever.

Chris and I did this Fall Film Challenge dealio and it ended yesterday. And I was not the winner.

BUT, I say I was still a winner because I watched a LOT of movies in the past three months. I even watched movies that weren’t on my list because they were on Chris’s list and vice versa because we’re still in that mushy phase where we love each other (Gross! I know!).

So I posted awhile back about my Phase 1 selections. You can check that out here. I finished the original list on November 5 when I finally got around to watching The Great Ziegfeld (spoiler alert: NOT GREAT) and A Knight’s Tale, which was cute but not something I would hurry to watch again.

And then I got to start on the bonus round. Jenn, the lovely lady in charge of this whole crazy ride, asked us for our least favorite actors. I don’t know how many I listed, but I don’t think anyone from my list made it, thankfully! (The only one I specifically remember including was Paul Walker.) And once we posted our selections for the Bonus Round, we were NOT allowed to make list changes. Whatever we selected, we were stuck with. Here’s what I’ve got:

Anne Hathaway: One Day–This is one of those frustrating movies where I wanted the characters to just come out and admit their feelings for each other. And then the ending was lame.

Ben Stiller: Flirting With Disaster–Weird, quirky movie, but I kind of liked it.

Miley Cyrus: Bolt–This was SO boring and so cliche. Chris’s daughter, who’s 8, couldn’t even stay interested in it.

Vin Diesel: The Pacifier–PAINFUL. WHY did he make this movie??

Eddie Murphy: 48 Hrs.–A pretty funny and fun one. This is from back when Eddie Murphy wasn’t as annoying, so I liked it.

Will Ferrell: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues–This movie wasn’t just bad. It was excruciating. There was literally only one joke in it that Chris and I thought was even remotely funny.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Contagion–Another boring one. It was too structured. Too much about the science of treating and containing this super virus and not enough about the actual people that were affected by it.

Katie Holmes: Abandon–Didn’t get around to this one.

Ione Skye: Haunt–Didn’t get to this one either.

Jonah Hill: The Watch–I was super confused at first, because I thought this was a family movie and then they were dropping F bombs and stuff and I realized it was definitely NOT EVEN A LITTLE bit a family movie. But it was kind of funny.

Ashton Kutcher: Jobs–I just now realized that I never finished this. Oops.

Justin Long: Tusk–Didn’t get to this one either.

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind–Weird. In fact, it’s kind of funny that I picked this for my Maggie Gyllenhaal movie because literally if I had blinked I would have missed her.

Nicholas Cage: Lord of War–I felt like this was good in spite of Nicholas Cage instead of because of him. But then, I generally think that about most Nicholas Cage movies.

Owen Wilson: The Internship–This is no Wedding Crashers, but it made me giggle.

Pauly Shore: An Extremely Goofy Movie–Didn’t get around to it.

John C. Reilly: For Love of the Game–I LOVED THIS MOVIE! It started kind of slow and I was a little bit annoyed by that, but it finally hit a really good groove and then I couldn’t stop watching and I totally cried at the end.

Sylvester Stallone: Rambo: First Blood–I still can’t believe no one had ever made me watch this before. I really liked it. Totally different story than I was expecting, but that was actually a good thing.

Tyler Perry: Alex Cross–This could have been SO much better than it was. I didn’t dislike it, but I was disappointed.

Channing Tatum: Side Effects–I really didn’t love this movie, but I wanted to. Some of the story was a little bit surprising, but most of it felt like things I had seen before.

Vince Vaughn: Domestic Disturbance–This felt like watching a bad Lifetime Movie. The timeline was all muddled, characters did really stupid, nonsensical things and I just kept getting really annoyed.

Patrick Wilson: Insidious Chapter 2–I wanted to like this as much as the first one, but I just didn’t. It definitely clarified some things that happened in the first one, but just…I don’t know. For one thing, it wasn’t nearly as creepy.

Megan Fox: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen–Megan Fox may have been on my list because I REALLY don’t like her. I enjoyed the nostalgia of the first Transformers, mostly because I LOVED the cartoon when I was a kid. But these movies just aren’t that great and it makes me sad and mad.

Gary Busey: Entourage–I don’t even know why they made this movie. It wasn’t terrible. It just felt like a complete waste of time.

Renee Zellweger: White Oleander–I didn’t get to this one either. Boo.

So I finished 19 out of 25 Bonus Films. Not terrible, eh? That means I completed a total of 44 films in three months. And that doesn’t include the ones that were on Chris’s list that I couldn’t count, and the movies I saw at AFI Fest that didn’t count, or seeing The Good Dinosaur the other day, which also didn’t count and wasn’t great, for the record.

It’s been a lot of fun, this challenge. I’m so glad I decided to join in. I know Jenn is gearing up for another one, which is exciting. And this whole thing has been so much fun that Chris and I are thinking about also launching our own. Which seems crazy and also awesome. I’ll let you know when that happens!

So…have you seen any good movies lately??


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