STEP 1 Tell People You Know

One of the fastest and easiest ways to promote GetResponse is to introduce email marketing to individuals and organizations that you know could use it to grow their businesses. Not only will they thank you andtell others about it, but you’ll receive ongoing commissions!

Here are a few examples:

Your favorite restaurants – Advise your favorite restaurant managers how to increase profits by cultivating their customer list and I bet you’ll get the best table in the house! Restaurant managers can capture email addresses from customer comment cards and guest books to quickly build opt-in lists. Once they have information such as city/town, birthdays and food preferences, for example, it’s easy to follow up with customized cards and special offers using the GetResponse autoresponder tool. Whether they’re a one-man show or have a full marketing team, it only takes minutes to set up and schedule professional-looking autoresponder messages. They can choose from over 300 designer templates to create enticing emails about early-bird specials, wine and food tastings, new menu offerings, and other special promotions. And that’s just the beginning! With GetResponse Free Online Surveys, they can send digital comment cards in autoresponders and newsletters to get feedback on customers’ dining experiences, suggestions for new menu items, and more! With GetResponse, there’s no more guessing! They’ll know exactly how to increase repeat business and build their reputation – without wasting time and money on less effective mediums like radio, billboards and newspapers.


Local car dealerships – Automobile dealerships are struggling today. Sales are down and overhead is up. More and more, they’re relying on rentals and service to keep them afloat. As consumers continue to cut back on spending, dealers are racing to capture their business before the competition – and before the money is spent. GetResponse email marketing can help them reach these diverse audiences with customized offers and unlimited campaigns faster and cheaper than any other medium – and make it exciting! For example, with GetResponse Multimedia Studio, any staff member can learn how to use video email marketing to record and host up to 100 MB files for eye-popping ads and promotions! Show off the latest models and features, take them along for a test drive, or tape a customer’s rave review! Everyone knows that video delivers two-to-three times the click-through rates of text messages, and what better way to market gorgeous automobiles in motion?! Not sure what new models will appeal to which groups? GetResponse’s easy-to-use tools and wizards will help them create multiple offers and messages, then split test and send the one that works the best. With GetResponse, they’ll not only convert visitors into repeat customers, they’ll have a flexible, fully automated email marketing program guaranteed to increase showroom traffic, grow sales and service revenues, and build customer loyalty – all for pennies a day!


Retail stores and boutiques – What’s the best way for retail stores to attract new clientele and make sure customers come back? If you said a reputation for great inventory and personal service, you’re on the right track. But did you know that GetResponse email marketing can help retailers get the word out about their product lines, increase foot traffic, generate sales, and build customer loyalty better than any other marketing tool out there? Now no one knows better than store owners how fickle consumer tastes can be! Everyone is unique and you have to appeal to many different personalities and preferences. Sound like an expensive research project? Not at all! GetResponse can help retailers increase brand loyalty and repeat sales by segmenting their email contact lists according to purchasing history, personal style, interests, demographics, location, or any data gathered from website forms and free surveys. And GetResponse integration with PayPal means that every new customer will be automatically added to the retailer’s database and followed up with a welcome message, cross-selling offers and more! With GetResponse, store owners will make money while the competition sleeps!


Opportunities are everywhere! And what they have in common is that almost al small and medium-size businesses need professional, affordable email marketing! You’ll find that GetResponse ‘sells itself’ once you tell them all about it, so get the word out asap!



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